Spring Market 2023-Event Information and Application

Where: White Hart Lawn, Salisbury, CT
When: Saturday, May 13th, 10 am to 5 pm (RAIN or SHINE)

Application Deadline: March 15, 2023
As of 2023, all Salisbury Handmade’s Markets will be juried.

Guidelines for Participation:  

-$75 to participate 

-Artisans must be present throughout the show, no packing up early

-Artisans will be given 10 foot spaces

-Artisans with tents must have 25 lb weights to attach to the crossbars on each side of their tents in case of wind. Staking tents down is not sufficient.

-Artisans items and packing materials need to be confined to the boundaries of their booths.

75% of items for sale in artist booth MUST be made by them. Any item DESIGNED but NOT MADE by the artist must be identified as such, with a card or sign stating: Designed by “Artist name or Artist’s company name” and reproduced or manufactured by “Company Name” or “country of outsourcing”. 

(ie: Design by Picasso, printed in China)



In order to be considered for participation and for marketing, send current images (two of your work and one of your display/set-up) to mcwcady88@gmail.com and title each image file with your last name

 Covid Guidelines as it now stands:

 ·  Observe safe social distancing between fellow vendors and attendees. The new phase we are entering into that no longer requires masks, is on the honor system so we as a market will continue to require everyone to maintain distance for vendors and customers safety. Vendors are still responsible for making and managing the line at their booth.

·  Individual retailers must not allow sampling or application of personal goods (makeup, perfume, lotion) unless they provide single-use applicators or have a no-touch option.